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Orthodontics (occlusion correction, teeth alignment)

Our orthodontists are specialists in micro-aesthetics.

We not only make your teeth even, we try to achieve a maximum rehabilitation result — a Hollywood smile.

Our dental clinic works with all brace systems: ceramic, sapphire, and lingual (invisible).

We widely practice occlusion correction without braces based on Invisalign aligners, so your treatment will be invisible.

What is a good age to correct dental malocclusion?

Any age when indicated. Fortunately, the days when people believed that efficient occlusion correction is possible exclusively at a young age are gone. Due to modern techniques and technologies used in dentistry, our clinic guarantees successful occlusion correction no matter the patients’ age.

Modern techniques used for occlusion correction

Vestibular plates for patients from 2 years of age. The procedure helps babies to wean from soother or finger sucking, correct the tongue position, normalize the lips closing, form correct occlusion, and change mouth breathing to nasal breathing.

Trainers or myobraces are used for kids from 4 to 10 years of age. They align the forming dental arch, stimulate jaw development, train the muscles, and make them work correctly.

Flex braces for kids from 12 years of age. They are kids’ aligners with no metal elements, allergic reactions, or food restrictions. The treatment period is faster than with conventional braces.

Conventional braces for patients from 12 years of age. That is the most popular method in the world used to correct malocclusions. Such dental braces are durable, reliable, and efficient.

Invisalign caps represent a modern technique used to align teeth for adults of all ages. The appliance is practically invisible and described as “transparent orthodontics”. The treatment is carried out using a series of virtually invisible, custom-built plastic aligners.

Braces are orthodontic fixed constructions consisting of arcs, ligatures, braces, and additional fastening elements. The systems are attached directly to the teeth, and their main purpose is to properly align dental arches and correct occlusion.

Each brace point is a micro clip allowing dentists to guide and control the tooth movement in three planes (up and down, right and left, and forward and backward). Various types of clips have specific individual designs depending on where it is necessary to move the tooth.

The brace is glued to the tooth with special glue (similar to filling material). Each brace clip has a groove, in which a metal arc is fixed. It connects all the teeth into a single chain.

The arcs are responsible for teeth alignment. They are made of special medical alloys and have a “shape memory effect”. When the arc is fixed on uneven teeth and some curves are formed on it, it tends to return to its original shape and gradually pulls the brace clips glued to the teeth. Due to these arcs, the teeth literally move like on rails, making teeth and roots position corrected.

What kind of braces you can order

Metal braces. That is the most common type of all dental brace systems, which was the only one known for quite a time.

Metal braces are made from a variety of metals and are quite noticeable on teeth.

Metal braces are inexpensive if compared to their more attractive counterparts. Such braces are notable for their high reliability.

Sapphire braces. The braces of this system are made of a transparent and durable material — aluminum oxide.

Artificial sapphire is highly durable, hypoallergenic, and has an appealing appearance.

Plaque practically does not accumulate on such braces. They are easy to take care of but much more expensive than porcelain or metal braces.

Porcelain braces. In this system, the arcs are metal, but the braces themselves are made of porcelain, which can match the natural color shade of your dental enamel. This feature makes the braces less noticeable for people around you.

Porcelain braces cost slightly higher than metal ones, but they look more aesthetic.

Composite braces. These braces can be made of different materials combined in one system. For instance, 6 upper and 6 lower front braces are ceramic or sapphire, and all the rest are made of metal.

This solution makes the design more attractive in appearance but, at the same time, affordable.

Invisible braces “Incognito” represent a lingual system installed on the teeth from the tongue side. This is a special system of the highest quality.

Each brace has an individual design. Incognito braces are made of a noble alloy (consisting of more than 60% gold) that is noncorrosive and excludes oxidation processes and allergic reactions.

Invisalign aligner caps

That is a modern technique used to align teeth for adults of all ages. The appliance is practically invisible and described as “transparent orthodontics”. The treatment is carried out using a series of virtually invisible, custom-built plastic aligners.


— no braces on teeth,
— no metal used (important for allergy patients),
— no microtraumas of the oral mucosa,
— no tartar,
— convenient hygiene: the caps can be easily removed for tooth brushing. It’s easier to keep your teeth perfectly clean.

First Family Dental Studio employs an excellent team of orthodontists. Our doctors are constantly improving their expertise by learning from the world’s best specialists and practices in orthodontics.

Why us:

— We provide the most accurate diagnostics and planning. These are very important stages affecting a stable result.
— We resolve even the most difficult cases.
— We work with all modern dental brace systems.
— We understand your aesthetic needs and will offer you the most inconspicuous way to correct your occlusion (including aligners).
— We work in a team with implant surgeons and orthopedists. We make orthodontic preparation for your further treatment.

We work for you
from 9:00 to 21:00 without weekends