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Prices for Services at the First Family Dental Studio Dental Clinic: Transparency and Democracy

Although our dental clinic is famous for the premium quality of its services, we adhere to the main rule: our prices for dental services must be transparent, understandable to clients, and justified.

At the same time, we offer dental clinic services in different price ranges. That is, you can choose the service you need to maintain dental health, in the field of orthodontics, or aesthetic dentistry, depending on the specifics of your budget.

For example, if you need dental treatment, the price of this service will vary depending on the complexity of the treatment and the type of materials used. Our doctors will help you maintain your dental health and at the same time select a treatment that suits your budget.

What Impacts the Pricing for Dental Services?

Even the most inexpensive dentistry cannot work completely free of charge. And it’s not only and not so much about the desire of specialists to receive decent pay for their work. Prices for dental services are determined based on several factors:

  • Type of services the patient needs. The cost of preventative dental services will differ from the price of a dental crown, and even within the same service, prices may vary.
  • Difficulty in performing the work, for example, if in addition to caries treatment, there is an additional need to treat gums or remove foreign bodies from tooth canals.
  • Selected materials: the cost of plastic and photopolymer fillings differs, as well as the cost of metal-ceramic and zirconium crowns, the cost of different types of implants, etc.
  • Additional manipulations. At First Family Dental Studio, we clearly describe the cost of additional dental procedures: we provide prices both on this page of the website and in the treatment plan.
  • The need for anesthesia and its type. The cost of pain relief is also included in the total amount for services provided.

Taking into account all these parameters, you will be able to understand even at the stage of making an appointment for a consultation and appointment how much treatment in our clinic will cost.

Open Price List for Dental Services Is a Convenient Option!

To make our clients quickly navigate the prices in First Family Dental Studio dentistry, we have developed a convenient price list in which you can both see the cost of individual manipulations in the general price list, and prices for the service you require.

By the way, don’t forget that at First Family Dental Studio, we are always happy to offer discounts and promotions to patients. Information about them is available on the main page. With them, you can get high-quality dental care at an affordable price!