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Dental prosthetics

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The lack of teeth results in several functional and aesthetic flaws. The chewing function is impaired, the bone and dental arches become deformed. Are you going to put up with it any longer?

Best prices for dental prosthetics in Odesa!

Beautiful healthy teeth are your hallmark!

Other people can see your missing tooth, and it can cause discomfort and psychological problems for you. That is when prosthetics come to your rescue.

Porcelain veneers, inlays, all kinds of crowns, and prostheses — all these things are used for dental prosthetics in dentistry. Using them, orthopedists can change your teeth shape, make them look aesthetic, beautiful, and attractive, restore damaged and decayed teeth, make prosthetic appliances instead of missing teeth, and replace missing teeth with prostheses on implants.

How much does dental prosthetics cost?

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You will find out the cost of:

— a prosthetic denture for one tooth;
— full-arch rehabilitation;
— front and back teeth prosthetics.

The most efficient, aesthetic, comfortable, and durable way to replace a lost tooth is to install dentures on implants. Therefore, in case you have lost one or several teeth, we recommend dental implantation as a restoration method in the first place.

The First Family Dental Studio doctors use modern materials and advanced technologies in their work. They always strive to restore missing teeth functionally and aesthetically. Our highly-qualified and experienced specialists possess all the necessary expertise to use various types of dental prostheses and carry out prosthetic procedures as efficiently as possible even in the most difficult cases.

Dental prosthetics prices at First Family Dental Studio:
Dental prosthetics prices at First Family Dental Studio:
Metal-fused porcelain crown -2,700 UAH
Tooth restoration with all-ceramic E-max onlay -3,800 UAH
All-porcelain crown (E-max/zirconium dioxide) -5,000 UAH
Porcelain veneer -7,500 UAH
Lumineer -11,000 UAH
Removable denture -6,000 UAH

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