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Dental care under general anesthesia — sedation in Odesa

Dental care while you sleep is a great opportunity to quickly and efficiently get a beautiful and healthy smile! Well, actually, you will be in the dentist’s chair but won’t experience pain or any other discomfort!

What should an adult patient choose to fall asleep — anesthesia or sedation?

Dentistry in Odesa — about anesthesia

Anesthesia is complete anesthetic protection with medication sleep, general anesthesia with all important body systems functioning control, and depth of sleep monitoring.

Indications for dental care under general anesthesia:

— fear of dental treatment (odontophobia);
— strong gag response;
— inability to achieve a complete analgesic effect when using local anesthesia;
— patient’s neurological diseases;
— large surgical treatment volume;
— multiple dental implants installation.

During the entire treatment procedure, an anesthesiologist works together with the dentist and carefully monitors the patient’s heartbeat, breathing, and depth of anesthesia. Before dental treatment procedures under anesthesia, it’s necessary to consult an anesthesiologist (a day before the upcoming treatment).


Sedation is aimed at stabilizing the patient’s psycho-emotional state and doesn’t cause a complete loss of consciousness.

This type of pain control allows lowering the pain threshold and reducing negative reactions on the part of the cardiovascular system in the first place.

This anesthetic care technique implies the intravenous administration of sedative medication by the anesthesiologist. The medication causes a sleepy state in patients, and they develop a pleasant feeling of relaxation. At the same time, local anesthesia ensures a completely painless treatment procedure.

Indications for sedation:

— psychological discomfort during a dental care session (odontophobia);
— strong gag response;
— high blood pressure;
— in case the patient has suffered a heart attack or stroke.

An anesthesiologist must always be present during the sedation session.

The sedation session prices are calculated individually and are based on treatment volumes, indications, and contraindications.


You will learn:

— how much does general anesthesia cost in dentistry;
— how much does it cost to treat your teeth while you sleep;
— caries treatment under general anesthesia prices;
— dental plaque removal cost.

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