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Mikhail Gulevsky

Mikhail Gulevsky is a hereditary dentist. He has been working in practical dentistry since 2001 and practices implant surgery and orthopedics. He is proficient in all currently existing methods of dental prosthetics, installs more than 1000 implants annually, and performs complex patient surgical treatment of the newest types, taking into account patients’ individual traits.

Mikhail pays special attention to his professional development, regularly attends refresher courses conducted by eminent dentistry gurus from America, Germany, Italy, and Brazil. He studied at the Department of Dentistry, Tel Aviv University. He also worked and interned in respected clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg for more than 10 years.

He is a sociable and positive person, thorough and accurate in his work.

His professional credo — I do everything the way I would do for myself.

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