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Dental implantation

The First Family Dental Studio specialists use the most advanced technologies in dental implantation.

Implantation presumes an artificial (titanium) root installation in place of the lost tooth.

Implants are used as supports, on which dental crowns and removable or fixed dentures are installed (prosthetics stage). Using implantation, we restore one tooth or the entire dental arch. Moreover, your new teeth will not differ from natural ones either functionally or aesthetically.

We plan implantation procedures based on high-precision 3D examination.

We currently use several implant installation techniques:

— a traditional two-stage approach to implantation and prosthetics;
— immediate or instantaneous implantation — an implant is installed into the socket right after tooth extraction;
— immediate load implantation — a (temporary) crown is fixed on the implant right after its installation or within the first seven days.

Each technique has its indications and limitations. Our implant surgeon will advise you on what kind of implantation is possible in your case.

First Family Dental Studio uses implants supplied by the world’s best manufacturers with an impeccable long-term reputation: Nobel Biocare (Sweden-USA), Straumann (Switzerland), Ankylos (Germany), MIS (Israel), and NeoBiotech (South Korea). We work with bone-grafting materials manufactured by BioOss (Switzerland) and OsteoBiol (Italy).

How much does tooth implantation cost? The implantation procedure cost depends on:

— the implant cost (a company and a country of origin);
— the number of implants necessary for treatment;
— the type of prosthetics on implants (materials from which the crown is made);
— the bone tissue condition in the implantation area (jaw)​​.

Lifetime implant warranty! Considering the period, implantation is inexpensive! Manufacturers provide an unlimited warranty for all implantation systems.

All prices, including implants and implantation procedures, are negotiated with each patient in advance. Our dental offices are equipped with modern appliances! Implantation is painless due to high-quality anesthetic drugs. You will practically feel no pain during the procedures.

Follow these simple rules of dental care, and your new teeth will provide you satisfaction for the rest of your life.

We make implants and crowns in our own laboratory. We guarantee high-quality orthopedic products and their service life of up to 20 years. We can make a dental implant in the shortest time possible. Our highly-experienced doctors will install a chewing tooth implant for you!

Dental implantation cost
Dental implantation cost
Promotion: NeoBiotech (South Korea) turnkey tooth (anesthesia, implant, sutures, shaper, permanent metal-fused porcelain crown) -$455 (12,900 UAH)
Mis (Israel) implant installation -$390 (11,000 UAH)
Straumann (Switzerland) premium implant installation -$570 (15,900 UAH)
Nobel Biocare (Switzerland-USA) premium implant installation -$610 (16,900 UAH)

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