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Almost all people face the necessity to treat their teeth at different ages. Caries or advanced forms — pulpitis and periodontitis are the most common reason to visit a dentist.

The First Family Dental Studio specialists have all the necessary tools, materials, and high-precision devices to provide quality dental care. One of these tools, an operating microscope, is used to treat root canals. We use the latest generation X-ray diagnostic equipment to carry out complex examinations and modern anesthetic agents to make all the treatment procedures absolutely painless. If necessary, our dentists recommend patients receive treatment under general anesthesia or sedation.

Our clinic currently treats caries according to modern and proven dental techniques. Icon and Innodent are among the methods to treat dental caries without drilling.

Our highly professional and skilled specialists possess all necessary expertise in various dental care areas and will carry out all treatment procedures as efficiently as possible.

Every time you visit First Family Dental Studio, you will feel comfortable and receive high-standard services. All our patients are happy to get a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Dental services, dental restoration in Odesa!

In our clinic, you will feel no pain when you:

— treat a tooth
— get free dentist advice
— cure and fill root canals
— remove caries
— install a crown…

Painless and fearless treatment

Certified and experienced doctors

Treatment quality control

Microscopic dental care

Dental care cost
Dental care cost
Caries treatment with nanocomposite/nanoceramic filling placement -900 UAH
Aesthetics (artistic restoration) -from 1,300 UAH
Complicated caries (pulpitis, periodontitis) treatment -from 650 UAH
Innodent — enamel implantation, (1 dose, up to 5 teeth) -1,900 UAH
Icon — initial caries treatment with no drilling -from 600 UAH

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