Dental Treatment Under Anasthesia: Dentist’s Services With No Pain for a Patient

Sometimes local anesthesia is not a panacea for dental treatment. Patients are too afraid of procedures, pain, and doctor’s intervention; they cannot withstand the discomfort during treatment; or the patient’s psycho-emotional state does not allow any treatment to be provided. In this case, dental treatment under anesthesia, or in the so-called medicinal sleep, becomes a real salvation. The patient remains under the influence of a special drug, in a relaxed and comfortable state, and at this time, the specialist carries out all the manipulations. When the anesthesia wears off, you get healthy teeth without pain and fear.

Who Is Indicated for Treatment in Medicinal Sleep Using General Anesthesia?

Of course, treatment under dental anesthesia is not always necessary. But there are indications when exactly such a treatment protocol will be justified, effective, and the only acceptable one for the patient and his psycho-emotional state.

We offer dental treatment under general anesthesia in the following cases:

Moreover, for us, to effectively carry out dental treatment under general anesthesia, the patient must abstain from alcohol and smoking several days before the procedure, from food 6 hours before the appointment, and from water 4 hours. Additionally, a blood test and an ECG are required.

Procedure’s Contraindications

Our clinic provides the opportunity to receive dental services under general anesthesia for patients for whom such a procedure is indicated. At the same time, some restrictions make it impossible to use general anesthesia during treatment, such as:

That is why, before deciding to treat teeth under anesthesia, we suggest that patients undergo additional examinations to exclude possible contraindications.

Dental Treatment, Implantation, and Prosthetics Under General Anesthesia From the Specialists of First Family Dental Studio

We perform dental treatment under anesthesia using the innovative drug Sevoran, an inhalation anesthetic that provides rapid induction of anesthesia and is safe for adults and children. Our clinic also provides dental treatment using the following medications:

We control the entire process of introducing and keeping the patient in medicinal sleep, we carry out treatment accurately, accurately and quickly. Dental treatment under general anesthesia is your opportunity not to be afraid of dental procedures and quickly restore your teeth to health.